Zoo Jewellery Shoot

Monday, May 11th, 2009

I recently assisted with the make-up for Zoo Jewellery on their photographic shoot. Zoo Jewellery has an online shop as well as having walk in shops in Winchester, Salisbury and Worthing. Zoo make really nice items from ethnic jewellery to wedding jewellery and everything is very reasonably priced. Here is a link to their online site where you can recieve discounts on many items currently for sale:
I have added some pics from the photoshoot courtesy of the photographer Richard Gosler, from Pixelhaus http://www.pixelhaus.co.uk

Thanks to the lovely models and whole team for making the day enjoyable.
Zoo Jewellery

Zoo jewellery
Zoo Jewellery

Welcome to Model Makeovers!

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Hello everybody! Just wanted to say thanks for visiting the Model Makeovers site and to introduce myself! I’m Jess, the Make Up Artist and I live in Bournemouth. I have been a Make Up Artist for for quite a few years now, starting off working for Mary Kay Cosmetics whilst I was at uni, then moving onto freelance bridal and studio work. I also studied Make Up Techinques at college over 8 weeks. I absolutley love make up as well as the latest skincare products and am always learning about the latest items. I learnt how to care for my skin properly whilst working for Mary Kay and this knowledge has always been the basis for a good skincare routine. However, I never wanted to be tied down to just one brand of cosmetics, why when there are so many fantastic products out there for sale! However one thing has always been certain, I always use high quality products in my work and on myself!

Recently I was asked to test various ‘green’ products for the latest edition of the ‘Beauty Bible’ book. This was a great way of experiencing new products, all of them natural and organic. It also furthered my knowledge on natural products that are available on the market and I really enjoyed the whole testing experience!

Anyway thats my intro over with, I will be back again soon with lots of advice, updates and information!

Jess x