Wedding Photographers!

After you have booked your hair and make-up, one thing a bride should never under budget for is a great wedding photographer. Don’t ever leave it to chance because a great wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold. The photos you get from the day will last you forever, whether placed on your mantelpiece or in a special book and second best just won’t do! I have worked alongside many great photographers as a make-up artist. Those that stand out above the rest really truely, enjoy their job and have the ability to make everyone relax and enjoy themselves, come rain or shine! Many will also take candid style photos of family and friends when they don’t even realise it, which makes for some beautiful natural photos. Some friendly, happy, Bournemouth wedding photographers i can highly recommend (after having seen them in action!) are
Debbie Hurst:

Christopher (The Photoman):

John (Columbia Pictures):

Lisa Dawn (Blandford area)

Dave and Rachel

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  1. John Haworth says:

    Hiya Jess,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I always enjoy a wedding if it starts with your smiling face at the bride’s house. 😉

    John, Columbia Photography

    ( new web address: )

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